Recreating living space

Damel creates new standards of size, luxury, views, quality of life and style.

For us, you are not just another number, another signature, you are another dream we realize together

With you all the way

The Company representative guide the buyers throughout the purchase process from signing the contract until handing over the apartment, with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs.

Emphasis on every detail

The Company representatives provide every buyer with a positive experience, and from a general perspective, they do not forget to emphasize any detail of every customer’s special wish.

Full bank support

The Company’s projects offer full bank support with sales law guarantees, giving the apartment buyers financial peace of mind.

Outstanding finish

The Company staff has a wealth of experience in managing, constructing and delivering apartments with outstanding finish as well as responsive customer service once the apartments are occupied.

Projects for sale

At Damel, we understand that the decision to buy an apartment is one of the most important decision of our lives. We thank every buyer for their trust and commit to the best customer experience. Optimal response and availability throughout the process. The industry’s leading tenant change team, and then, when handing over the apartment and during the inspection period, we support you and are at your disposal for any request

In the heart of Ra’anana, a minute from Ahuza Street.
In a quiet area, a luxury project featuring twenty three units, including a spectacular penthouse with 360 degree views

Integrated perfectly between transport routes and the beach stands the luxurious 15-floor Genesis Tower overlooking Einstein Park.
The tower was designed and constructed with thought to every detail for the convenience and enjoyment of the tenants. From the lobby and enormous tenants’ club to the particularly large 3- and 5-room apartments, with emphasis on the garden apartments and spectacular penthouses, it is evident that the project sets a new level of standards.
The magnificent appearance, the winning location and the precise design guarantee the tower’s tenants a piece of paradise.

The ideal residential experience in the highest standard, enjoy impressive architectural design and extremely spacious apartments!
In the heart of Ra’anana, near excellent educational institutions and access to major roads and Ahuza Street.  The project contains 12 four-room apartments and 2 enormous penthouses, all with the highest level of technical specifications!

A prestigious boutique project, 4 stories only, in HaGilgal St. in Ramat Gan, combining a quiet, green neighborhood with a central location in the city.
The building has been constructed according to uncompromising standards with rich specifications kept for the most prestigious projects…

In the heart of a young, dynamic developing area in Yad Eliyahu, we have planned for you the perfect residential project for young families.

The project is located on a quiet road with planning for growth, which combines high quality and convenient living with flexibility and access near a shopping center, schools and kindergartens, parks and leisure centers.

The project has a varied mix of apartments – 4- and 5-room apartments, prestigious penthouses and garden apartments with an open view, a prestigious lobby, elevator and underground parking, luxury wooden wall covering and more.

Urban renewal

Damel has set a key goal of leading urban renewal in Israel.
We are witnessing maximization of the return to existing tenants. Full collaboration in order to provide you with the best building and residential environment.

We are also here to provide a response and availability until the project is carried out in the best possible way.
Every building that signs an urban renewal agreement with the Company receives a personal account manager whose role is to provide a response 24/6, cooperate with the tenants’ association throughout the process and maximize the profit for you.
Naturally, in every project we provide full guarantees at the value of the apartments and guarantee the best return.
If you truly seek change, we are here for you.

Familiarization and inspection of the project

We will analyze the area, visit the municipality to check and then build the best proposal we can offer you

Submission of a proposal

Submission of a proposal together with the tenants’ association. Consents and signing an urban renewal agreement

Submission of plans

Submission of plans to the municipality to obtain an evacuation permit for alternative apartments, and receiving the keys to the dream apartment an average of 3 years later

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