Company profile

Family company | Financial resilience and strength | Personal service to every buyer

Damel is a family company in the residential real estate sector.
Values and excellence are what guide us, the Damel family, and enable us to make every building a masterpiece. Education starts at home!
A team of engineers and project managers is at our customers’ disposal to provide the best service.
The Company focuses on residential construction, builds top-quality apartments nationwide and complies with all standards.
We undertake to apply in all our projects, construction and development principles by the most advanced means.
Damel recently started operating in the urban renewal sector and has at its disposal complexes in the advanced stages toward obtaining a permit.
We are here to provide you with the best service.
A constant solution and uncompromising construction.
For us, the customer is above all.
Sincerely, Damel

For us, you are not just another number, another signature, you are another dream we realize together

With you all the way

The Company representative guide the buyers throughout the purchase process from signing the contract until handing over the apartment, with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs.

Emphasis on every detail

The Company representatives provide every buyer with a positive experience, and from a general perspective, they do not forget to emphasize any detail of every customer’s special wish.

Full bank support

The Company’s projects offer full bank support with sales law guarantees, giving the apartment buyers financial peace of mind.

Outstanding finish

The Company staff has a wealth of experience in managing, constructing and delivering apartments with outstanding finish as well as responsive customer service once the apartments are occupied.

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